Trip Tripper Travel Journal - Introduction - TripSteem

Most of you know me as Nathaniel Hammel, but what you do not know yet, is that I am a traveler of this earth, and as my friends call me: Tumble. I have lived outside for 27 years total time by choice, and not because I can not afford to live inside. I just can't stand living in a box.

This is the best way I can express how I feel about living inside and why I call it "living in a box"

As I have said in a recent post: "I have a hard time talking about my life, myself, and my history."

In saying so .. I want to change this, and in the past year, I have done much better at tracking and leaving a written, video, and musical path that has recorded my journeys, feelings, and documentation of my broken but fulfilled life happenings.

So specifically speeking I want to introduce you to my travels and where I go, so I have created this for you.

My Trip Tripper Travel Journal ... Please enjoy! :)