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Fake News: Yellow News vs Investigative News

Introduction There are so many political topics, issues, and concerns in this modern day. There is a huge population that reaches the count of billions. There are so many trying to keep up to date with the ongoing happenings of this n

My Bio name is:

I have 3 names in Total: 1) Bio Name - Artimus Raphiel Bacca. 2) Adoptive name - Nathan Arthur Hammel 3) My Road name - Tumble I was born to wander the earth.

Trip Tripper Travel Journal - Introduction - TripSteem

Most of you know me as Nathaniel Hammel, but what you do not know yet, is that I am a traveler of this earth, and as my friends call me: Tumble. I have lived outside for 27 years total time by choice, and not because I can not afford to live

"A Broken Diary Collection" - Introduction

I want to start off by saying that I am only now (in the past few years) keeping track of myself and the things I do. Before then, it was hard for me to even keep a journal. Because I live outside as a Traveling Druidic Wiccan, Publisher &am

An Engrave Hello

Hello Engravers! I am a Traveling Publisher & Printer, Writer, Musician, and Artist :) Find out all about me here: I would like to let you know 1st -