Personal Doubt can be ME

**It's not the same when the world gets turned over,

like a rebellion unleashed into this realm.

Both fake and real, realizing circumstantial relationships are none to ease the soul or spirit.

Like-wise a master has held tight for a long time the mystical reunion of hearts to heart communication.

thus time stands at a distant place.

Occupied hazards wed the day and night together. Not opposite ... not different.

Just putt together in hopes of receiving a fair gift from spirits to spirit like was wanted when you fell as a kid of eight, or when the sun burned your eyeballs and you could not see again.

These entire messages search for all eternity in-depth of strange situations and situations meant be that you don't always know where to turn to, or when to drop pride where it belongs hidden.

Keep away you needed it to be, far away sometimes because it hurts to open you mouth at your mom or dad, afraid that they might not except you for who you are ... But you are ... great ... feeble ... needy ... on the top of the world.

But the same world might not see you that way,

they might see you as depressed ... unable ... forsaken to be poor.

Not all great things come. Not all minute inspirations call for inspired people.**