Table of Focus

I leave no chance to bring in any energies that will frighten, hurt, or distract me from focusses meant be to keep me moving ever so slowly forward in time of hopefulness and positivity.

I will pay attention and note the good deeds I do, and ignore others deeds because karma only responds to the things I do unto others, while giving respect to deeds done in good counted thoughts of selfless heed.

As grown as I am the child lashes out and wants to play and party ...
... the adult inside me plays games with fate like full blown battle cries by the same routined song sang of our inside-out scenario of a set in stone struggle of the symptoms made, all promoted by the inner war of Steppenwolf.

Thus I note too the dangers I might face several times over till death does its part.

Even though sometime broken down I will continue to climb and learn tough love the hard way, so I may burn in my consciousness the best way to stay strong.

Like spring leaves in a garden growing new, is very much like my body .. it is like when my brain neurons wake up. New to the world at ever second made. New to the air of breath, and intelligences of both good and evil.