The day I thought I Would Die

It was the day I was taken to a deep dark place that they tied me to a chair, and began to strap me down. Stuck a needle in my arm and I began to woose. Then they began to ask questions of me that I did not understand.

Am I a spy? Who did I work for? What did I know about them?

I don't know. I cried.
What do you mean? I whimpered.

They continued their taunts and yells in my face. Turning up the the fluid in the tube I couldn't see. And my brain was becoming an ice sickle.

You know Damn well they said. You're a spy. .. we know you are. Don't worry, we know how to get you to talk.

I was so scared. I was sweating. I was crying. I was hopeless, and there was no way out. When they pulled Out the torture set, I knew my life was over.

They beat me with a hammer, the pulled my teeth out one by one with a wrench. They cut one of my fingers off. The whole time reaching with commandments to tell them the the truth. I kept my composure the best I could with weeps and desperate no I'm nots, and why are you doing this to me answers. But they kept on hurting me. When they weren't getting what they wanted, the stopped and told me they were going get the worst nightmare of my life, but first they were going leave me there for a while to think hard upon my truthful answer,and they left with footsteps that sounded pain in my ears.

They were gone for what seemed days, and I was drenched in my own blood. So dark, so cold, and alone with my own tears that hurt cry. My cuts and broken bones felt the sting of pain, and I just wanted things to be over.

It was so dark that I couldn't see, and I could hear the rats licking the blood from the ground at my twisted feet.

Then the sound of voices from outside the room penetrated from outside the deep dark space. I clung To my chair, and I shook in the worst fear ever. Today I was going meet my nightmare. I could hear them muttering. Sounded like a couple of men and a woman talking, then silence again. I waited. .. waited. .
.waited. and the door creaked open and a woman came through the door. I crawled as far as I could get into the chair, and broke down, closed my eyes, expecting the worst.

My name. .. she began. .. it's Samantha. .. I strongly believe you are telling me the truth. You have passed the test, and you can be my friend. Nice meet you!