Prologue - In my Head

**Tick, tick, tick, my head echoed.

Right now I dance the Sky.

Masterfolds of mind reality soaks by and by.

No more messes thus too be re-owed.

In distance stance of plain reunion

We talked for days as light

Played fully for trusted lips that night.

And in the mist of morn, brought communion.

What laughter that settled any commotion

pleasing inward as if nothing was wrong.

That's why in the first place we came along.

Here in the now ... minute to motion.

And here I wonder more.

'In basic sight thus bold?

'Can tis be recommended as warm instead of cold?

'Indeed that's what this shalt be for.'

Foretold in neat and measured approach to the heart

Then for the right ways dust not know bad habits ...

as blue as the rock of memories beyond the self made sabots,

and taught then the thought of more beauty, like art.

Stuck it there in the mind's sweet-tooth.

Held it there tightly with such strong emotion

... from a brain that is too smart to fall for illegal illusion.**