Subject to Technical Issues - Part 1 - Things were going Great

Such perfect control you have when you're by yourself, no-one around, alone with only your mind talking.
So many thoughts of lively things, happenings, and the contemplations and plan making.
It is easy to do ... Think of how you will say something to someone ... many mind-fingers pointing.
You can clearly, deep down, feel the Points that you want to make, be released onto the other without any weakness or stuttering.

You feel very strong with that powerful feeling that YES ... They look up to you ... they will agree.
That they will listen to you for once, and maybe even look at you with awe at the opinions and facts you see.
For once in your empty life you feel like a champion ready to accept those hands that you imagine on your back ... will be.
As you ponder throughout your brain, those quadrillion cells there reacting with the intense emotional feelings flowing freely.

So you do as the plan had spoken ... directly appear down at the Center Court, where the Experts, Bosses, and Role Models hang.
You walk in as powerful as those emotions told you to do, head held high, the confidence your eyes showed ... your heart sang.