TrueNoble - Poetry

My Heart is Returned

To my Dreamgirl: You are the most beautiful wonder. Tie-died with London fragrance. A one man's dream that means everything. Dancing on day lit stars 'You do this in my mind all the time ... and my life s

I Have Tumbled Here

Through these times again. Alone on a rock. Faithful to the only ones That sees my soul glistening In the wind. I have tumbled here. I have come. Though the midnight weeps Of yesterday (yet to


I trip through the mushroom plains of Awesome river pools of solace. Native to entwined gallows, and intense it to brain waves fabulous. Mark what needed be in the dark of master folds reunion. And

Table of Focus

I leave no chance to bring in any energies that will frighten, hurt, or distract me from focusses meant be to keep me moving ever so slowly forward in time of hopefulness and positivity. I will pay attention and note the good deeds I

Created by Master

Something vast slips the Master who created pieces of rhythm. Bold in silence, as it took time to part it together. Just a few messes to make a perfect conclusion soar; Very neat in a minute inspiration of valor.

Be calm ... and meet him in the end

"Distinction" can ban the wicked mind from playing at death's door. If you can see that darkness coming from far away; note how beautifully disguised it will be, and follow through with logical reasoning, you will se

The Morning Rises

The best comes out when sunrises in the early morning. That for me loves the day then. More kind in my spirit with shine for simpleness. Blessed be the day that shows itself today. Binding the bold within the best

The Hard Road

I am one who often takes 2-10 roads at the same time One road never

A Simple Answer

Morning light raised questions inside my mind in which upon revels a simple but honest answer I am proud of. And it started with this routine of every waking day this ability to live plus me thus I not be bind. Throu

The Tide's Power

The ruff tides sweeps themselves in upon the shores. It is the sweet memories that rise with the tides in bloom and gloom of life’s dealings. Darkness and light beam deep within the eyes that see the day-to-day earning. Total b

It is is your mind only

The moment the pond opened up and I fell in. It is a time when the waters feel like the burning fires of a Hell. As Shakespeare said "this is in your mind" The "Heaven of Hell, The Hell of Heaven in his words. It is

Emptiness is Harder, then trying to Strive

Sometimes I wake up with an emptiness deep down inside. Even though I am happy and alive, there's this blank stair from outer-space, grey within my eyes. I should ignore this I know, but sometimes this abyss takes over and