TrueNoble - Poetry

The Hard Road

I am one who often takes 2-10 roads at the same time One road never

A Simple Answer

Morning light raised questions inside my mind in which upon revels a simple but honest answer I am proud of. And it started with this routine of every waking day this ability to live plus me thus I not be bind. Throu

The Tide's Power

The ruff tides sweeps themselves in upon the shores. It is the sweet memories that rise with the tides in bloom and gloom of life’s dealings. Darkness and light beam deep within the eyes that see the day-to-day earning. Total b

It is is your mind only

The moment the pond opened up and I fell in. It is a time when the waters feel like the burning fires of a Hell. As Shakespeare said "this is in your mind" The "Heaven of Hell, The Hell of Heaven in his words. It is

Emptiness is Harder, then trying to Strive

Sometimes I wake up with an emptiness deep down inside. Even though I am happy and alive, there's this blank stair from outer-space, grey within my eyes. I should ignore this I know, but sometimes this abyss takes over and

Pollute my earth & I'll pollute your mind

The heavy soul of yours that does not care about the lively hood and its life that was once given to us by a breath of air. Thus earth & body sits condemned for poor choices made. shining brightly you used to

My Bio name is:

I have 3 names in Total: 1) Bio Name - Artimus Raphiel Bacca. 2) Adoptive name - Nathan Arthur Hammel 3) My Road name - Tumble I was born to wander the earth.

A Simple Glow

Highlighted of the night the inspiration lingers there under the silent moon. A glow like none other just sits there in a solitude of kind-like gloom. Peaceful blessing as the same side lingers here in my sight of view.

Beyond the Day

The pains that grow the day beyond the atmosphere of our brains. Does it cool ourselves to know that in time the cells regrow? It is a masterful creation to be the only one remarkable and unique of modern times. A glass fu

The End of Days

End of Days - by Nathaniel Hammel Everything is a mess You left me alone to die alone, Money, Pain, Love and Hate. Was that satisfying for you? Your end of days are near. Get used,

Why does Loneliness Feel Like Wildfire

My heart being saddened by this rainy day as I sit by myself on this rock of memories. Even a small hint of anger I can feel rising from the depths and into the air! I love passion, but a lot of time it's bites me in

They Won't Let Me Burn

The moments that are growing all around me know deep inside what should be. Like a path that set sail on the lands of ever-more, this is the emotions felt on its shore. Drawing me the way that I must go. Through bold places that