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Beyond the Day

The pains that grow the day beyond the atmosphere of our brains. Does it cool ourselves to know that in time the cells regrow? It is a masterful creation to be the only one remarkable and unique of modern times. A glass fu

The End of Days

End of Days - by Nathaniel Hammel Everything is a mess You left me alone to die alone, Money, Pain, Love and Hate. Was that satisfying for you? Your end of days are near. Get used,

Why does Loneliness Feel Like Wildfire

My heart being saddened by this rainy day as I sit by myself on this rock of memories. Even a small hint of anger I can feel rising from the depths and into the air! I love passion, but a lot of time it's bites me in

They Won't Let Me Burn

The moments that are growing all around me know deep inside what should be. Like a path that set sail on the lands of ever-more, this is the emotions felt on its shore. Drawing me the way that I must go. Through bold places that

Trip Tripper Travel Journal - Introduction - TripSteem

Most of you know me as Nathaniel Hammel, but what you do not know yet, is that I am a traveler of this earth, and as my friends call me: Tumble. I have lived outside for 27 years total time by choice, and not because I can not afford to live

"A Broken Diary Collection" - Introduction

I want to start off by saying that I am only now (in the past few years) keeping track of myself and the things I do. Before then, it was hard for me to even keep a journal. Because I live outside as a Traveling Druidic Wiccan, Publisher &am

Book1: The LoveTrip - Prologue - Part 1 - In His Eyes

A Suspenseful Romantic – A Steemit Original – by Nathaniel Hammel Part One: In his eyes I walked as close as I could to her. I could smell her hair in the light breeze of early twilight. Her voice was soft to t

What Hot Days

Dear Diary; A deadening heat has blazed the wide-open country around me. Deep hazy gray mist boils from the ground below the earth I stand upon. This year’s rain never came, which has caused the Oconee River to evaporate to the skies

A Really Dark Night Tonight

Soulless master-pieces spread the night this night. Low beams from the shadows linger half in sight. Street lamps flicker and and make noises as bugs fry. Empty streets lay silent and uninhabitable, no lie. Nights like this only exist

My Son

My Son … You're almost there my son, laying there in your last bed as medications struggle to give you peace. You haven't had this in a long time, and I’ve shed my pain through half closed eyes. You never deserved thi

Lands of Layderian - Chapter One - Part 1 - Julia

In a corner laid a stone table next to a window which slowly let in the comforting warmth of the sun. In a chair sat a good woman staring awkwardly into her mirror on the desk, while her reflection stared back with the same blankness she had

An Engrave Hello

Hello Engravers! I am a Traveling Publisher & Printer, Writer, Musician, and Artist :) Find out all about me here: I would like to let you know 1st -