I trip through the mushroom plains of
Awesome river pools of solace.
Native to entwined gallows,
and intense it to brain waves fabulous.

Mark what needed
be in the dark
of master folds reunion.

And bolded the short time
when my mouth talked to the maple tree!

For it was the touch of this pipe to add to this trip
Mouthpiece to lips and suck in.
Like the sun; its eclipse swirls of motion nip
flew all around me!

I, enjoyed
I, imagined!

I, flew from the coo-coos nest!
I, felt like i was the best!

I couldn't tell if the maple tree talked back
but i knew for some strange reason
that this tree was alive in fact
It had danced too in the light of dark
and some how maybe even sung!

What to do with this such might
not real or real? Best to just stay hidden just incase
the flowers rise to spite me!