Book1: The LoveTrip - Prologue - Part 1 - In His Eyes

A Suspenseful Romantic – A Steemit Original – by Nathaniel Hammel

Part One: In his eyes

I walked as close as I could to her. I could smell her hair in the light breeze of early twilight. Her voice was soft to the ears and she as very memorizing to be by. She was like music notes gliding on the trail before us. My eyes grinned at her when her hair swished and bounce in the direction her head moved.

Her hands rested in mine as we walked and small twitchy pinches of electricity flared. Her flowing words full of happiness spreading glee around. Her interesting talk kept me focused on the beauty she possesses and I flared. What a masterpiece to have a heart bigger then she was .. Then the world is.

“What you lookin at” she asked me with the gesture made by the bouncy hair. My mouth dropping open at the realization she caught me mirroring every aspect of her in my brain. I was able to hide my mouth dropping with a grin, and blew a winked kiss at her. “The best apple in the tree” I wooed. Of course she liked that. Her hand tightened in response to a mental pleasure.

She turned to me and I melted as the frontal curves barely touched mine, The woods and night light along the trail never seemed better. “I love you” and the next “why do you love me”? And I wanted to sing. I wanted to melt. That was my mental pleasure. She new what she was doing with her question.

She loved to see me lighten up and burst with my joy of her. “You're beyond any melting moment that anyone could feel. “You are the whisper that gives comfort and peace. To me you are wise with lovely power. “The stars in this twilight night have nothing on you. No comparable beauty can match yours”

She was holding everything in that wanted to pulse out and take her. The tear of passion slipped down her cheek and her love flared with me.

Picture Credit: Pixabay – released under Creative Commons CC0 as a public domain.

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