"A Broken Diary Collection" - Introduction

I want to start off by saying that I am only now (in the past few years) keeping track of myself and the things I do. Before then, it was hard for me to even keep a journal. Because I live outside as a Traveling Druidic Wiccan, Publisher & Printer, Writer, Musician, Artist, Crafter, and social backpacker; things are hard to hold onto, being lost to natural weather conditions, being stolen, or losing thing somewhere on the way due to things pile up in my back pack!


There are often within self-doubt and the self-motivation to keep up with diary entrees because of the constant losses. Now that there is such growth in the digital world, being able to save my works has helped so much.

But most all, as it pains me to admit, that there are things about me and things in my past that I do not want to face, or to say out loud, let alone tell someone else about them. As I have opened myself and my barriers lately, I have realized the only way to concor this fear, is to just let it out, and let thing go. There are hope, dreams, and goals that I have that I no longer want to keep to myself any longer.

So here it is … the start of a new day, and a new way. A begging to my life shown and told to public eye, and ears. You will hear things that will make you happy, sad, angry, and glad. Please feel free to walk down my path with me. See me for who I really am, and not what I used to want people to see in me.

A Broken Diary Collection:

  1. This is my main Journal (A Steemit Original) "An Open Brain" https://imatumble.dblog.org/category/publicdiary
  2. This is My Cuimhne Leabhar (Memory Book) Book of Shadows: https://anything4ustudios.wixsite.com/houseofnix/mycuimhneleabhar
  3. This is my Trip Tripper Travel Journal: https://travelfeed.io/@twunders

I wish you to join me at these places, so you can get to know me better. I welcome you in my life.

Note: Please keep comming back to this post so you can see a list of my online journals as more I am sure will be added. :)

Have a wonderful and blessed day :)